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Marianne MohanWebsite  
We are very happy to support your club 

It is a great place for all, and Tristan and Rai love it. Tristan learns so much there and admires his peers very much. Your love for the art shines through and we know it is in your heart. A small fee increase is well worth the lessons learnedJ

15027515_10157698934375263_4729248144875886353_n Testimonials
Great Community 

Pickering Karate-Do is a great place to learn traditional Shotokan Karate! I did my research when looking for a reputable club and I am very happy to have restarted my Karate way of life at PKD. Instruction is second to none

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Glad I Found Pickering Karate-Do 

After training at other karate clubs, I feel very fortunate to have found Pickering Karate-Do. Kyoshi Pete Van Tienen, the head instructor, is very skilled and knowledgeable, but humble. He is an excellent instructor for all age groups and is well-respected by all who train with him.
The club's motto "Just Train" is Pete's mantra. If you continue to train under Pete's tutelage, he will work hard to ensure that you are successful as a karate student.
Pete encourages a sense of community in his dojo and I'm so happy to be included as part of this community.

steve-head-shot Testimonials
Sensei Steve NashWebsite  
This is a dojo of considerable excellence 

Excellence is a habit of choice and Kyoshi Peter is a man and Karate teacher who believes in energizing excellence in all activities / training and in enabling all lucky enough to be in his network. Martial arts are relatively common these days, but the exceptional quality and professional upheld at Pickering Karate-Do is quite rare and indeed special.

Screen-Shot-2016-11-30-at-2.21.04-PM Testimonials
Hanshi Fred Walker, 8th Dan Shotokan KarateWebsite  
Kyoshi Peter Van Tienen - Pickering Karate-Do 

I have been studying martial arts for almost six decades and am very guarded about recommending instructors or Dojo s to train in. Kyoshi Peter Van Tienen the founder of Pickering Karate, is one of those few. I would not hesitate to encourage someone considering studying under his guidance at any age. You will be exposed to top level traditional Shotokan Karate at its best. I have known Kyoshi for several years, and I am sure your will not be sorry you became part of his family oriented studio (Dojo).

jeff-head-shot Testimonials
Jeff BickleWebsite  
True Traditional Shotokan Karate! 

After training traditional karate for 30 years and being exposed to many different karate places including Okinawa, Japan. I can truly say that Kyoshi Peter Van Tienen, lives and embodies what the idea of Karate really is and genuinely leads by example. I am truly blessed to call him Sensei and be a part of PKD and the JUST TRAIN motto!

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Pickering Karate 

I'm so lucky to have found the Dojo recently, Kyoshi is a great instructor, Sempai Jeff as well, and the team is so friendly and welcoming that I felt being part of this family right away. Thank you all!


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